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PRP Keymed in vivo ™ zestaw do pozyskania osocza bogatopłytkowego

PRP keymed in vivo ™

Platelet Rich Plasma

A kit for obtaining platelet-rich plasma

The elements of the kit form a system that is closed, vacuum, self-collecting blood.

CAPACITY | 2 x about 4.5 ml of platelet-rich plasma

USE | 1-2 independent treatments

2 x PRP keymed in vivo collection tube

  • each tube includes separating gel and anticoagulant: sodium citrate 9NC.

  • the tubes are identified as medical class IIB.

  • the tubes are sterile, sterilised by radiation.

  • each tube allows to obtain about 4.5 ml of platelet-rich plasma from 8 ml of the patient’s whole blood.

2 x collection system 

  • 21Gx3/4ꞌꞌ butterfly needle

  • holder

  • 5 ml syringe

  • 21Gx1.5ꞌꞌ needle

The butterfly needle, the holder and the tube form a standardised, fully-closed vacuum system that collects blood by itself. The 5ml syringe and the 21G needle are used for drawing platelet-rich plasma, which is located above the separating gel.

QUALITY – each of the elements of the kit has all the necessary quality and safety certificates to be used in medicine

COMPATIBILITY – the elements form a standardised, fully closed vacuum system that collects blood by itself.

EFFECTIVENESS – during centrifugation, the gel separator effectively separates platelet-rich plasma from erythrocytes. The level of contamination of plasma with red blood cells ≤ 0,3%. Plasma free from erythrocytes is a perfectly prepared material for treatments.

STERILITY – each of the tubes and every kit with collection elements are packed separately. Due to this fact, it is possible to use half of the kit for a treatment. The remaining elements are still sterile.

SIMLPICITY AND QUICKNESS OF THE TREATMENT – the modern vacuum technique allows you to collect blood in a quick and easy way, the precision of the treatment still maintained.

KIT FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL ACTIVATORS – the kit does not contain calcium chloride, which activates platelets in the collection tube. Growth factors released from platelets are activated in a natural way, after platelet-rich plasma has been applied into tissues.

FLEXIBILITY- two independent kits allow you to fit the scope and the amount of platelet-rich plasma to the treatment.

  • CE Certificate.

  • Biological safety of the medicinal product confirmed by ISO 10993-1:2009

  • GMDN-CODES 46923. – code number in accordance with Global Medical Device Nomenclature identifies a kit for obtaining the platelet concentrate.

  • Class IIB, Rule 3 – medical class IIB identifies a medicinal product intended for modifying the biological composition of body liquids intended for infusion into the body.