A-PRF dent
I-PRF dent
PRP Keymed in vivo ™ zestaw do pozyskania osocza bogatopłytkowego

I-PRF keymed in vivo ™

Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin

A kit for obtaining platelet-rich fibrin

The elements of the kit form a system that is closed, vacuum, self-collecting blood.

CAPACITY | 6 x about 1 ml of liquid platelet-rich fibrin

USE | 1-3 independent treatments

6 x I-PRF keymed in vivo collection tube

The tubes are identified as medical class IIB. They are made of glass, sterile, free from chemical substances, sterilised by radiation.

Each tube allows to obtain about 1 ml of liquid platelet-rich fibrin.

3 x collection system 

  • 21Gx3/4ꞌꞌ butterfly needle

  • holder

  • 5 ml syringe

  • 21Gx1.5ꞌꞌ needle

The butterfly needle, the holder and the tube form a standardised, fully-closed vacuum system that collects blood by itself. Owing to the used vacuum technology, blood gets sucked into the tube. The 5ml syringe and the 21G needle are used for drawing platelet-rich fibrin.

  • NOVELTY – it is the first kit on the regenerative medicine market, which is used for obtaining platelet-rich fibrin from the patient’s whole blood for injections.

QUALITY – each of the elements of the kit has all the necessary quality and safety certificates to be used in medicine

COMPATIBILITY – the elements form a standardised, fully closed vacuum system that collects blood by itself.

STERILITY – each of the tubes and every kit with collection elements are packed separately. Due to this fact, it is possible to use a part of the kit for a treatment. The remaining elements are still sterile.

SIMLPICITY AND QUICKNESS OF THE TREATMENT – the modern vacuum technique allows you to collect blood in a quick and easy way, the precision of the treatment still maintained. The procedure has 4 steps. Within 8-10 minutes we get liquid platelet-rich fibrin, prepared for aesthetic and regenerative treatments.

KIT FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES – I-PRF keymed in vivo tubes do not contain any chemical substances. They are made of glass, sterile and apyrogenic, which means there are no dead bacteria. They are identified as medical class IIB.

FLEXIBILITY– it is possible to perform treatment with one patient, using 2,4 or 6 tubes. We can also perform 1-3 independent treatments. We select the scope of treatment and the amount of platelet-rich fibrin for the treatment in a flexible way, basing on medical recommendations and the patient’s needs.

  • CE Certificate.

  • Biological safety of the medicinal product confirmed by ISO 10993-1:2009

  • GMDN-CODES 46923. – code number in accordance with Global Medical Device Nomenclature identifies a kit for obtaining the platelet concentrate.

  • Class IIB, Rule 3 – medical class IIB identifies a medicinal product intended for modifying the biological composition of body liquids intended for infusion into the body.