A-PRF dent
I-PRF dent
PRP Keymed in vivo ™ zestaw do pozyskania osocza bogatopłytkowego

A-PRF keymed ™ DENT

Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin

This advanced platelet-rich fibrin fraction is obtained from the patient’s own blood. A-PRF fraction is a three-dimensional, autogenic structure, primarily rich in fibrin. It contains white blood cells, which play a significant role in the process of tissue regeneration:

1. They accelerate the transformation of monocytes into macrophages, thanks to which they enhance the effect of stimulation of bone regeneration.

2. They produce bone morphogenetic protein (BMP1, BMP7),  which increases the activity of fibrin in the stimulation of bone augmentation.


In A-PRF fraction there are considerable amounts of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), PDGF-AB (platelet-derived growth factor-AB), TGFβ-1 (transforming growth factor β -1) and TSP-1 (thrombospondin-1), which is a very important matrix glycoprotein, participating in the process of communication between a cell and its environment.

When using A-PRF, the important element is the simplicity of conducting the procedure and natural forming of the three-dimensional fibrin structure, which is a carrier for cells, cytokines and growth factors. The creating APR-F network is durable, responsive to forming membranes, clots and filling materials out of it.  Its structure contributes to a slow release of growth factors that are in it.

  1. CE is a certificate of medical quality, used by European Economic Community, analogous to FDA certificate in the USA. CE certifies that the marked product meets the requirements of the European directives.

  2. ISO 13485, is an international norm for medical device products, defining the requirements for systems of quality management.

  3. 0197 – a notified body responsible for quality and verification of the manufactured medical device, in accordance with current European norms.