Neuation iFuge D06
Zenithlab 80 – 2c
Neuation CS 4000
Wirówka laboratoryjna Zenithlab 80-2c_1 Cyfrowa, kompaktowa wirówka laboratoryjna dedykowana do pozyskiwania osocza bogatopłytkowego PRP i


Compact laboratory centrifuge 80-2C, equipped with microprocessing control and a new generation induction motor, with which the device is quieter, produces less heat and guarantees long, maintenance-free and failure-free exploitation. Laboratory centrifuges 80-2C are perfectly suitable for obtaining platelet rich plasma with noncommercial methods.

It has a digital display and stepless speed adjustment .

The centrifugal speed can be set between 0 and 4000 rpm. A microprocessor-controlled precise timer can be set between 0 and 99 minutes, after which the centrifuge switches off automatically. The completion of work is signalled with sound. On the front panel there are two digital displays, giving information on the current rotational speed and the time left until the centrifuging has finished.

The centrifuge is equipped with angle rotor with the capacity of 12 x 15 ml, where the inclination angle of the tubes is 45 degrees. Each of the twelve tubes in the rotor, in which we place the test tube, has the dimensions of 20 mm x 100 mm and the capacity of 20 ml. It means that every test tube with the dimensions within the ones mentioned (test tube height with the cap can be 110 mm) can be placed there. Each tube can be removed from the rotor. The centrifuge is equipped with a mechanical lid opening lock.

  • stepless centrifugal speed adjustment between 0 and 4000 rpm

  • angle rotor 12 x 15 ml

  • induction motor (brushless)

  • microprocessing control

  • mechanical lid opening lock