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Zenithlab 80 – 2c
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Wirówka laboratoryjna Zenithlab 80-2c_1 Cyfrowa, kompaktowa wirówka laboratoryjna dedykowana do pozyskiwania osocza bogatopłytkowego PRP i


Centurion PRO-PRP S is the most advanced centrifuge for obtaining platelet-rich plasma. The centrifuge is intended for obtaining both PRP, as well as A-PRF and I-PRF. Built-in programmer allows for up to 10 user programmes to be memorized.

Centurion PRO-PRP S has an inductive engine and microprocessing control. The control panel has been equipped with clear, digital LED panel. There is also a PULSE function that  enables quick centrifugation of the preparation by pressing a proper button. PRO-PRP S centrifuge is the top quality of workmanship, which can be certified by a 36-month long warranty.

Owing to the built-in function of the acceleration and brake time regulations, we can obtain plasma in accordance with the most advanced procedures. The casing made of acid-resistant steel makes it easier to maintain the device clean, and specifically designed and made of material rotor is intended for sterilisation in autoclave. The rotor construction ensures the most optimal air circulation, which significantly reduces the emission of heat and provides a uniquely quiet operation.

  • speed  500-6000, set every 10 rpm

  • RCF Max (G) 3.500

  • time from 0 do 99 minutes ( set every 30 seconds) and time of constant operation

  • angle rotor 8 x 15 ml BRK5505

  • memory of 10 programmes

  • 10 acceleration programmes

  • 10 brake programmes

  • dimensions235 x 235 x 350 mm