We are a young and dynamically developing company, operating in medical sector. We concentrate on promoting the advanced regenerative methods in different fields of medicine, including aesthetic medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, dentistry, and also in veterinary medicine.

As the only company in Poland, our offer includes kits used to obtain three fractions: PRP – platelet-rich plasma, I-PRF – liquid platelet-rich fibrin and A-PRF – advanced platelet-rich plasma. Moreover, we provide our clients with top-quality lab centrifuges.

Professionally prepared and conducted trainings, characterised by high substantive and practical level, are of great support for the doctors.

Our philosophy

During the next years, our company intends to become the leading company in the regenerative medicine in Poland, and in the future – the leader in European and world markets. Today our products can be found in the markets outside Europe, i.e. Iran, Georgia, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. We are a global company, created from passion combined with our vast working experience on the medical market. We are creative and open to new solutions.

We want to join the experience of the doctors and research centres from all over the world. We present the solutions which help patients be healthy, and give the doctors the possibility to use modern and safe solutions in regenerative medicine.

We consistently invest in knowledge and development. We concentrate on the areas of our key competences. We create the culture of innovation and creativity.

We want to develop autogenous methods of body regeneration in every field of medicine. Being the company specialising in this field, we would like to become an organisation supporting the development of regenerative medicine in Poland and in the world, and be a leader in this branch of medicine.

Our strategy for the next years is constant monitoring of the innovative researches, sharing our knowledge and experience, developing the solutions in regenerative medicine, as well as providing professional and reliable information for the medical community.

Our focus is on:

  • quality and safety of our products
  • professionalism
  • reliably provided knowledge
  • specialist and marketing support for our clients

Our aim is to become a leader of regenerative medicine development in the world.

Our attributes


Keymed staff

Filip Skrzypiec
Filip SkrzypiecSales Department
Sylwia Kasperek
Sylwia KasperekMarketing Department
Robert Kasperek
Robert KasperekMedical Department
Piotr Jastrzębski
Piotr JastrzębskiState Sales Manager
Sales and specialist support in Southern Poland and Warsaw
Hanna Łotarewicz
Hanna ŁotarewiczKey Client Specialist
Sales and specialist support in Northern Poland
Izabela Skrzypiec
Izabela SkrzypiecLogistics Specialist
Office management: orders, invoices, payment, shipping

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